Tuesday, November 12, 2019
About Womenade of the Hamptons

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  When you have people in crisis, create a group to help – WOMENADE—women helping their neighbors.   The idea is simple, the impact is immeasurable!

Womenade of the Hamptons was created in 2005 to raise money to help people in Hampton, North Hampton, Hampton Falls and Seabrook (SAU 21) whether they are in crisis or facing a small stumbling block that they do not have the financial means to meet.

Womenade of the Hamptons is a grass-roots, non-profit organization of women dedicated to helping others. The idea is simple: we gather friends together to raise money so that we can provide short-term financial assistance to eligible individuals and families in OUR community when it is not available through other established resources.

Requests for help remain anonymous and come from trustworthy community sources (validators) including school nurses, guidance counselors, doctor’s offices, clergy and community service providers.

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How it all began

The Womenade concept was created in 2001 in Washington, DC when six women friends met for supper in an area restaurant. One of the women, Dr. Ann Kossoff, talked about how she wrote checks from her personal account to help her low-income patients with small bills for prescriptions, co-pays, and field trips. Kossof estimated that she had probably given away close to $10,000 in the past year. One of her friends suggested that they all help pay these costs. Instead of going out to eat, they decided to have several potluck dinners and ask everyone attending to contribute $35.00, the amount of money that would have been spent for a meal at a restaurant. Today, this “simple” idea has sparked groups in surrounding local towns and many states. The Womenade formula has successfully raised money for countless families with financial issues that ranges from medical care to paying for a Little league uniform.

Womenade of the Hamptons was formed in July 2005. The goal of the group is to enjoy the company of women friends while raising money to help local people, whether they are in crisis or are facing a small stumbling block. Examples of how Womenade can help families are to buy groceries, heating fuel, repair necessary items, and assist with medical bills. The money is given without red tape or forms to fill out. Requests for assistance remain anonymous and come from trustworthy sources in the community such as school nurses and counselors, community agencies, doctor's offices, clergy and friends. Womenade of the Hamptons primarily serves the communities of Seabrook, Hampton, Hampton Falls and North Hampton.

Our fundraising is informal, a gathering of our friends and neighbors to create a fund from which gifts can be made. Referrals are taken from validated community members, and funds are paid to the entity which requires payment, not directly to the person in need.

We look forward to many years of helping our neighbors in need and to your support in our cause. Together we can all make a difference, one small check at a time.
One check ~ one life.