Your Day is Looking Up!

there is a bright side - contact us
Acknowledge That You're a Little Low

we're here to help if we can
So, You've Got Some Lemons?

we might have that cup of sugar you need
Every Lemon Has Potential for Goodness
lemonade is a simple recipe that every woman knows about - just add sugar
Womenade = Women Helping Women

we get together, raise money and have fun doing it
We're Here to Help if We Can

if you know someone who needs a little help or are interested in contributing yourself...
When the Little Things Matter

it's ok to ask for a little something to keep life moving

Our Mission

The idea is simple ~ the impact immeasurable.

To provide short-term financial assistance from validated resources to individuals and their families in crisis in the towns of Hampton, Hampton Falls, North Hampton and Seabrook.  We invite our neighbors to join us in the spirit of giving and community by coordinating several fundraising events each year.